Current Students

Students who are not enrolled in another UConn graduate course:

In order to maintain active student status, you must register for a course each fall and spring.


GRAD 5997: Special Readings (Certificate)

Zero credits. This is a non-credit course for which certificate students must register in cases where their regular program of course work for credit has been interrupted and they are not otherwise registered.

For more information, contact the Registrar’s Office at 860-486-3331 or


Certificate Requirements

To earn the Certificate of Addiction Science, students must:

  • Maintain “active student status” if necessary. GRAD 5997: Special Readings (Certificate)
  • Complete the 4 required courses earning grades of “B” or better.
  • Complete the 4 required courses within three (3) years of initial enrollment.

Before your final semester:

  • Complete a Certificate Plan of Study.pdf that must be signed by Dr. Tom Babor, major advisor for the Certificate
    • Provide the original to the Graduate School
    • Provide a copy to the Program in Applied Public Health Sciences (Barbara Case
    • Provide a copy to other UConn graduate program (if applicable)
    • Retain copy for own records
  • Apply for certificate award via Student Administration System